Dani Crosby


Dani Crosby Portrait 1_2

Dani Crosby is a commercial illustrator, fine artist, art instructor, and graduate of Sheridan College (Bachelor of Illustration) who resides in Oshawa, Ontario.

She seeks to visually captivate and emotionally involve her audience by using a variety of approaches ranging from visual metaphor to representative illustration. Her main areas of focus as a visual artist has been: fine art, editorial, art for merchandise, posters, logos and icons. She is always looking forward to meeting new clients, collaborating with the community, and sharing in new creative adventures.

Art has become many things for Dani. It has become a service she offers, an experience to share in academic settings. But before it became any of these things, it was a place to put the parts of herself that had nowhere else to go. Dani recognizes how lucky she is to have this outlet.



The Wild Nellies are pleased to be joined by Dani Crosby. Click on the following link to learn more about her works:


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