Erika Takacs

Erika Takas

Erika Takacs is an Oshawa-based sculptor. Her material of choice is paper pulp. She has been participating in various exhibitions in Durham Region, Toronto and Peterborough in the last decade. In 2017 she took part in an invitational exhibition in Ottawa, presented by visual artists of Hungarian background as part of Canada 150 celebrations. She is the recipient of numerous sculpture awards.

While influenced by both classical and contemporary approaches, Erika is committed first and foremost to exploring her inner world through the figure.

 “A single individual’s reading of the world is a voice that encapsulates a tiny fragment of humanity as a whole. My voice is three dimensionally shaped from paper pulp, wire, aluminum and tape. I tell my stories through these simple materials. Once in a while that tiny voice connects with another, and it becomes a bit stronger,” Erika states.

The Wild Nellies are pleased to be joined by Erika Takacs. Click on the links below to learn more about her works:

 Instagram        Facebook


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