Geetika Dance Company

Geetika Dance Company was started in 1989 by Geeta Leo as a free community outreach program for the Caribbean and South Asian diaspora located in Scarborough. As the network in the community expanded, Geeta moved her program to Durham Region and, along with her daughter Premika, established one of the first dance schools in Canada to teach both Classical and Bollywood dance.

The duo have hosted many charitable events, raising money for programs such as SOS Children’s Village, Herizon House, and Oshawa Community Health Centre. They have sent students to perform for Caribana’s first Inter-faith service in Toronto; Photographer’s Without Border’s feminist documentary premiere for Sambhali: Daughters of the Blue City; and for the Indian consulate in Toronto.

Now, thirty years later and with a larger staff, Geetika Dance Company still stays true to their roots by offering quality dance and cultural education at very low costs so that everyone in the community can join. Their annual shows always have activist themes to raise awareness on events or topics that hit close to home such as: domestic violence, environmental awareness, local poverty, and intersectional feminism.

The Wild Nellies are pleased to be joined by Geetika Dance Company. Click on the following link to learn more about their works:


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