Saskia Tomkins

Saskia Tomkins, from the UK, moved to Ontario in 2007 with her family, bringing with them a wealth of musical talent and experience. Saskia’s musical abilities on bowed strings are wide ranging, from classical to Celtic, to Django-jazz, to songwriter accompaniment. After seeing Stefan Grappelli perform 3 times, she completed a BA in Jazz and popular music. She has played with countless artists in many genres, including Uriah Heep’s 30th anniversary concert, improvising with dancers at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and learning cello for Michael Bogdanov and the English Shakespeare Company. She has recorded on over 60 albums for other artists and several with her own groups. Saskia is also the All Britain Champion for Irish Fiddle.

In Canada, Saskia has worked at 4th Line Theatre for 8 years.

Saskia was commissioned to co-write the music with Steafan Hannigan for Driving Miss Daisy at The Capitol Theatre, Port Hope, and developed the music for the Broadway hit, “Come From Away”, also with Steafan. She is principle viola in the Northumberland Orchestra, and principle 2nd violin in Quinte Symphony Orchestra and frequently plays with Kim Doolittle, David Newland and Astrid Young.

Her personal projects include her family band “Clan Hannigan”, the instrumental duo “2ish” the Celtic trio “Cairdeas” and the jazz trio “Marsala and the Imports. Saskia currently has 3 albums on iTunes: with “2ish”, and with Steafan.
In between gigs, Saskia spends time teaching violin and viola, reading books and watching the birds out of the window.

The Wild Nellies are pleased to be joined by Saskia Tomkins. Click on the following link to learn more about her works:

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