Tanika Riley aka iNsight

Tanika Riley aka iNsight is an energetic storyteller, city builder, and artist with a message of equity, personal wellness through the healing arts, and respect for our Mother Earth.

For over 15 years, Tanika has worked in education, community and youth development, facilitating workshops and circles, keynoting and hosting events. She has performed on stages all over the GTA, the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa, using poetry, spoken word, emceeing and her natural gift for words to inspire and connect with audiences.

Tanika is also the Executive Director of POR AMOR, a multi-disciplinary arts and culture organization, dedicated to wellness, equity and community upliftment. Through that work, she uses the combined power of arts practices, culture and creativity to engage communities in critical dialogues & collaborations necessary for transformation. Tanika has worked in partnership with Sacred Women International, Indigenous Leaders, United Way of Greater Toronto,Community Health Centres, Boys and Girls Clubs, and within every major school board in the Toronto, Durham, York and Peel regions.

A dedicated mother, auntie,& mentor to youth in her community, a social entrepreneur and change maker, Tanika is passionate about the transformational power of the arts, and the guiding principle of love as a force for reconciliation in our families, schools, organizations and communities across the globe.

The Wild Nellies are pleased to be joined by Tanika Riley. Click on the following links to learn more about her works:

Website     Facebook     Instagram     Twitter      YouTube 

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