Kate Segriff , Field Day B&B

Teaching out of the historic Robert Armstrong home, currently operating as Field Day B&B and Art School, Owner and Operator, Kate Segriff, specializes in giving the gift of art to others.She has developed a very effective technique to help new artists get started in oil painting that has brought her students to tears times (of joy not frustration). Some have gone on to become prolific painters, applying what they have learned for the joy of it and even for set painting in theatre work.  Working in small classes of 6 or less she takes them from blank canvas to finished product in 4 hours and sends them off with a finished painting and a colourful instruction booklet on what they’ve learned.

Kate likes to work on landscapes, usually with at least one man made item to create contrast, interest and perspective, but not always. Working in vivid colours and focusing on light-scapes her students are encouraged to have fun and exaggerate their favorite things in the subject matter. As an award-winning juried artist, she also paints local landscapes and architecture, available in local galleries and at the Field Day B&B.

“Lingering Spirit” by Kate Segriff
Number 7 in a series of historical homes in Millbrook Ontario, “Lingering Spirit” is a portrait of a century home in the village. Inspired by the secluded location and beautiful architecture, I was also intrigued by the missing tree in the left hedge. I thought about replacing it with one similar to the right side, but instead decided to paint only the reflection of it in the window, as an echo of its brief life opposite its’ thriving companion.

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