Raven Murphy

Raven resides in Udora, Ontario (one hour north of Toronto) and offers a wide variety of songs to audiences who share her passion for live original Canadian music.  A favorite amongst the local live music scene, her unique blend of rhythms and original songs captivate the heart and influence the minds of those in her presence.

Influences such as Etta James, Joni Mitchell, and Eva Cassidy have provided a baseline for Raven who embellishes each song with her moving and powerful voice. Entertaining audiences on various stagel and inspiring performances. She is also an inspiring storyteller and arts and festivals Raven has steadily grown a reputation for impactful and inspiring performances. She is also an inspiring storyteller and artist.

“Music is a journey filled with insight, inspiration and imagination BUT it doesn’t always come easy. Becoming an artist takes an enormous leap of faith and commands courage to overcome self doubt and sabotage.  

Too often we make the mistake of isolating ourselves, waiting for the perfect moment and attaching to achieving perfection before we feel that were ready to ‘step out’….if we ever do. Truth is; we’re better when we unite. Writing songs is a form of therapy for me, and with the continued help and support of other like-minded music lovers, my song writing journey has expanded beyond my dreams.”   Raven Murphy

The Wild Nellies are pleased to be joined by Raven Murphy. Click on the following link to learn more about her work:




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