Gwen Tuinman

Gwen Tuinman is a novelist, short story writer and creator of  Wild Nellies . Fascinated by yesteryear and the landscape of human tenacity, she fashions troubled characters shaped by nature, nurture and circumstance. Born and raised in rural southern Ontario, she currently resides in Whitby, Ontario.

Her fiction work has been published in The Renaissance Anthology, Wunderlit Magazine, and  online at The Litter I See Project.  Her nonfiction work appears online at Conversations on Dying, and the award winning The English History Fiction Author. Gwen hosts and produces The Wellspring Podcast featuring discussions of bygone days. She is also the co-creator of Poetry and Spoken Word Quarterly Readings and Performances, hosted in Oshawa Ontario. Gwen’s novel, The Last Hoffman, is set for release in spring 2020.

Click on the following links to learn more about Gwen Tuinman and her work:

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