Gwen Tuinman

Gwen Tuinman is a novelist whose storytelling, set in yesteryear, explores human tenacity and people navigating the social restrictions of their era. She is the author of the recently released novel, The Last Hoffman with readers in North and South America and Europe. Her published memoir essays—We Are Enough: A Story of Self-Doubt and Portrait of an Escape: A Story of Fleeing Domestic Abuse—offer insights into her personal experience of domestic abuse. On her blog, she writes about her writing life and novel research.

Gwen is also the creator of The Wild Nellies, a growing collective of women creatives who raise awareness and funds for charities helping women to escape domestic abuse. She remains perpetually fascinated by all roads to creativity.

Click on the following links to learn more about Gwen Tuinman and her work:


Instagram      Facebook Author Page


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